Tips for people using proxies

Public Proxies for regular browsing: Public web proxies work well. They are useful for one off browsing sessions where users want to leave fewer footprints on the internet. If you are looking for anonymity, public proxies probably are not what you want to use. Most of them are transparent proxies that do not hide your real IP in anyway. So, anyone who wants to trace your source can do so without any trouble. Public proxies also have a short usage life, in fact you might have to try a few before you find a working one from the public domain. So, they are best used for one off browsing sessions.

Shared Proxies: People who use proxies for automation work, bots, etc are comfortable using shared proxies for two reasons. They are relatively cheap and they last for a reasonable duration of time. Shared proxies can also be transparent and not conceal our real IP but that doesn’t always matter for applications and bots because proxies are only needed for functional purposes and not for anonymity.

Dedicated Private Proxies for Mobile Browsing: If you are a person who uses the mobile for browsing and work, you’ll need private proxies. Dedicated proxies from a secure server not only provide anonymity but can also give you secure connectivity. Mobile browsers also access banking and payment sites through their devices and that is not safe at all. Mobile anti viruses are not as effective as the desktop varieties and can be relatively easier for hackers. A dedicated proxy can protect browsers from phishing and hacking attempts.