Specialized proxies for specific services


Proxy service providers understand the unique proxy needs that some web services/applications have. Concealment, speed, longevity, server locations, etc, are some examples of what certain applications demand from their proxies. As a user, you may or may not be aware of all these requirements but your service provider will know. That’s why many service providers ask you the reasons for buying the proxies. Many buyers do not realize the import of this question and do not answer it. The service providers will then be forced to give you generic proxies, which might serve your purpose but cold have been better with the right set of proxies.

Buyers must ensure that they list down their proxy requirements in detail and insist on proxies that meet the criteria. When you do this, the service provider will either ensure that the proxies he/she delivers is optimal for your use or revert back to you stating that he/she does not have the right set of proxies. If you are not sure about the proxy requirements, you can tell the service providers the reasons for proxy usage and they will suggest the right options for you.

Some applications and services require special proxies. The regular ones will not work. For example, an SEO automation bot called scrapebox needs special proxies. Emailing services need special proxies. These special proxies can cost more but users do not have a choice because these applications/services mandate special proxy usage. Cost of purchasing the proxy should not be the deciding factor, your usage requirements must always guide the purchase.