Tips to prolong Proxy life

Many people wonder why proxies last for a short period of time while regular IPs assigned by the ISPs last longer. Well, truth be told, ISP IPs also have a short shelf life but you won’t know about it because the service providers usually rotate your IPs, unless you specifically ask for a dedicated IP. With carful management, you can make the proxies last longer than the average shelf life. Here’s how:

Building Trust: An IP and its source server need to have trust from the websites and search engines. The problem with proxies when compared to ISP ones, is that they do not have the sever trust that ISPs enjoy. So, they have to gradually build their trust. The best way to do that is to use the proxy judiciously, by visiting sites with good reputation. Alternatively, people can mimic the natural browsing patterns – visiting a set of sites regularly (to set preferences), checking mails (like all do), visiting  social networks (with the same login credentials), etc. This indicates that the IP is being used by the average internet user and no r ed flags will be raised.

Give Proxies proper rest: It is not natural for anyone to do repetitive things on the internet continuously. So, when the search engine sees multiple searched coming from a particular IP, that too fast, it is bound to raise a lot of red flags. Search engines instantly block such IPs and so, users must use proxies prudently. They must give it proper rest in between operations.