Proxies for Android Phones - Safe Browsing on Open WiFis

People are not very careful in securing their mobile phones against hackers and virus attacks. About 70% of mobile phone users do not use any kind of antivirus/malware apps and that’s why most of the phishing attacks take place through mobile connections. People also tend to use their phones to connect to open WiFis and these WiFis are hacker hotspots. Some of android apps and games also have hidden trackers inside them, which is a security threat. The easiest way to protect your android phone against all these attacks is by using proxies.

Setting up your Android phone for proxy usage is not too difficult. You’ll first need to be connected to any secure WiFi and then get onto the network configurations tab on settings. You must go on the advanced setting option and set up your proxy there. This proxy setting is going to mask your internet connection no matter how or where you use it. The other way to do is by downloading a third party proxy rotation application. These apps connect to your network setting and automatically change proxies periodically. Rotational proxies are a lot safer and can also prolong their life.

Android OS and applications are comparatively unsecure to hack attacks. The safest way to negate these attacks is by not connecting to open WiFis but no one is willing to be inconvenienced by doing that. The next best option is to use proxies. It is safe, easy and provides the first level of defense against personal security issues.