Tips to prolong Proxy life

Many people wonder why proxies last for a short period of time while regular IPs assigned by the ISPs last longer. Well, truth be told, ISP IPs also have a short shelf life but you won’t know about it because the service providers usually rotate your IPs, unless you specifically ask for a dedicated...
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How to Use Proxies for Scraping Google

Google is the largest online repository of information in the world. People Google for everything nowadays. Googling is easy and the search results for your queries are more or less what you are looking for, most of the times. Many people use Google search for professional purposes too. For...
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Proxies for Android Phones - Safe Browsing on Open WiFis

People are not very careful in securing their mobile phones against hackers and virus attacks. About 70% of mobile phone users do not use any kind of antivirus/malware apps and that’s why most of the phishing attacks take place through mobile connections. People also tend to use their phones to...
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